Career Sisters with an Affinity of Supporting the Local Chicago Fashion & Philanthropic Communities

Career Sisters with an Affinity of Supporting the Local Chicago Fashion & Philanthropic Communities

Adiat Baker a Market Research Professional and Iya Bakare a Freelance Writer both always had an affinity for local designers. The appeal & variety of such authentic artistry by the mass of local designers in Chicago is reason enough to ditch Neimans & Bergdorf alike.

 Iya fell in love with writing in high school. Iya reflects: "I started writing creatively and my teacher, Ms. Janellyn Boyd recognized something in me and asked if I was interested in pursuing writing as a career…it became a creative outlet for me to express myself when I moved from Chicago to Mississippi in high school.”

"I wear my collections to work, charity events & fashion events-it's part of my everyday life." Adiat says on her love for Chicago Designers.

It was while Iya interned for Today's Chicago Woman Magazine (TCW) & following thereafter joined  ME: IN FOCUS  publication. While working at ME:In Focus Iya attended an event and invited her sister Adiat to attend with her. The event was what the ladies called a "Movers & Shakers Event" and introduced Iya to Anna Fong & Ashley "DRAPES" Scott.

"These designers where talented and dedicated, as a writer I wanted to learn more about what inspired these designers." Iya excitedly states.

Following the "Me In Focus Event" Iya attended her fist official Fashion Show In Chicago: The Akira Fall 2010 Show.

Before these events, like many professional & fashion enthusiasts in Chicago Iya & Adiat didn't know where to find these talented designers or what they did. The next introduction to Anna Fong would be at her Toyota Show where she paired Ashley Scott Drapes Jewelry with her designs.

Adiat was groomed for a career in medicine with an educational background in the sciences. Adiat later discovered her talent for persuading others and chose a career in sales, but always a lover of fashion at heart.

It was January 2011 when Adiat bought half of the Anna Fong Fall/Winter Collection.Adiat is genuinely passionate about her love of local designer-constantly inviting colleagues to fashion events, to spread the word about the talent the city holds.Some of their favorite Fashion Events includes "Fashion Focus Opening at Chicago Fashion Incubator" and IADT Student Fashion Show.

Adiat particularly passionate about supporting events that combine philanthropy and Fashion, "Dangerous Curves" by Tamika Maria Price, which features real emerging fashion designers...,mixes fashion with philanthropy successfully. The event features fuller figured women and proceeds from the show go to the homeless.At the end of the show she makeovers a homeless woman and presents her down the runway giving her a chance to have her moment!

Both Iya and Adiat were always taught the importance of community services and charity at a very young age.

 Adiat is also Vice President of The Auxiliary Board of  A Silver Lining Foundation founded by President Dr. Sandy Goldberg, which funds testing for underinsured & uninsured women for Breast Cancer Testing and Treatment.

Being directly affected by breast cancer in 2005- their mom survived  Breast Cancer, thankfully caught it early on. A Silver Lining Foundation is partnered with 10 Direct Hospitals, including Roseland Community Hospital where the services are much needed.

Iya has exciting business plans as a writer, within the next five years she plans to publish a Lifestyle & Human Interest Magazine. It will focus on Local Politics, Sports & Health. Longer-term plans are to teach freshman collegiate level Writing.

 Adiat plans to continue to actively support A Silver Lining Foundation & to launch a Fashion website which will serve as a research tool for Designers, Models, Make-up Artists, Stylist and everyone in the local fashion industry.

The site will focus on how to connect locally and to further these plans by providing a platform for new designers for the next generation of designers now in school to have something to look forward to! Adiat wants local artist of all kinds to know"There has got to be a way to work locally and make money...not just in New York.

Pretty soon this fierce sister duo will be getting "Glam Time" at their favorite Mac Store on Oak Street for Fashion Events this Spring: Iya is looking forward to Tamika Maria Price’s Dangerous Curves Fashion Show & Expo  which proceeds go to the A-line Foundation a not-for profit organization that offers free head-to-toe makeovers, life enhancing workshops and other restorative services to mothers living in transitional housing facilities and shelters.

While Adiat is looking forward to The Art of Fashion by Style Chicago which features Ten of Chicago’s finest including Borris Powell, Barbara Bates, Calvin Tran and Lara Miller.

Iya & Adiat are a fierce sister duo that continue to support the local fashion and philanthropic communities in Chicago with no plans of slowing down in the future…& Chicago is lucky to have them.

By Cha'rron Davis

{Photo Iya Left Dress by Redgi Woods & Adiat Sequin Leggings by Anna Fong}

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