Willow Faygenholtz California Native Finds Unexpected Success in Chicago

Willow Faygenholtz California Native Finds Unexpected Success in Chicago

"Butterflies"..."I get a rush when I am doing photoshoots." 24 Year old Californian Native, now Chicago resident & Columbia College Graduate Willow Faygenholtz Explains.

It all started in her teenage years Willow did several talent shows and beauty pageants. It was the fateful Santa Cruz Pageant where Willow learned the pageant walk, Hawaiian hula training and the model walk. Willow won almost every award at the Santa Cruz Pageant Competition.

It was then Willow found out she could dance for a living! She moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College where she studied Technique Dancing Training (and now graduated this past May 2012.)

Jess Audrey, a Chicago Designer did a casting call and Willow got booked as a dancer...since some models didn't show up- Willow jumped in to model! Following that show Willow meet several Chicago Designers including Anna Hovet...Willow created small business cards and passed them out to designers and photographers.

It was the test shoot with Adela Red that would take everything to the next level for Willow's Career. Adela Red did a Fashion Show for Hurricane Katrina, there Willow would meet more photographers and designers.

Willow started off as a "club model" to gain experience and build her portfolio and connections. Also taking on freelance work including: Commercial, Promotional, Fitness and Beauty. From there things just took off and now a household name here in Chicago and with a Strong Fan Base back home in California. Now working on several projects & a model with The Well-Established Lily's Talent Agency, Willow doesn't have plans to slow down anytime soon.

Willow expresses her LOVE & True Connection with the Camera. Anyone who has worked with Willow or seen her in action can all attest to this.

Learning facial techniques and flexibility between looks this 5'7 model has a presence and passion that comes from within. Willow has a spark! A love for modeling like nothing else she knows.

"When getting ready for my 9-5 work my body doesn't respond but when the model work comes, I am up and on-Ready To Work!"

Willow has had some amazing opportunities in Chicago...among them includes Her 5 Most Exciting Shows:

1. Horacio & Elda De La Rosa Spring Collection 2013 Show
2. Red Pump Event
3. Heshima Kenya Fashion Challenge
4.Live, Life, Love Fashion Show at the Chicago Cultural Center
5.Fashion Show for School of The Art Institute

"The New Heidi Klum" Willow says she aspires to be. "Models need advice...I want to provide a neverending agency for models, that would include a positive mainstay in their corner, walking instructions, networking and more."

When asked for advice to other aspiring models Willow stresses the importance of networking after shows & photoshoots- "After Photoshoots Network! Network! Network! Cultivate success together with others!"

"Believe in yourself and don't get caught up in your head with what others are doing! You gotta do you!"

She also warns the inevitable "The more successful you become, your circle of friends may change as you follow your dreams. "

Having a strong support system and family is the true root of Her success..."A Strong Support System is Everything."

Willows Dreams & Aspirations for the next 5 years includes modeling Internationally, Gracing Magazines & Billboards. "I'd also like to give back to youth and young girls being an inspiration & mentor to young girls who face self-esteem issues from our communities and media today."

With her undeniable connection to the camera and enthusiasm for modeling Willow Faygenholtz is a True Beautiful Ever-Rising Star indeed.

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