6th Year Anniversary for Latino Fashion Week!

6th Year Anniversary for Latino Fashion Week!

Tuesday October 9, 2012 The 6th Year Anniversary for Latino Fashion Week begins at the ZHOUB Center. Founded by Arabel Alva Rosales & Cesar Rolon, Jr.

The designers featured include local talents and international designer talents: Evelyn Amador from Venezula, Andrea Castro from Bogota' Columbia, Nelissa Carillo from Noelia Cruz, Eva Chen from Vancouver Canada, Gabriella Moya from New York City, Personal Privlege Boutique by Tracy Lemke from Detroit, Sadia Pattison from Chicago,  Ronald Rodreguez from Puerto Rico, Argemiro Sierra from Medellin, Yirko Sivirichi from Chile, Claudia Urrutua from San Juan Del Rio.

I've been told the night's you don't want to miss are Opening Night onTuesday, Friday & Saturday's Closing Night.The week long festivities include a wide array of entertainment and glamour.

Visit www.Latinofashionwk.com for more information and to purchase tickets.

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By Cha'rron Davis

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