Tioana Monee' Chicago Make-up Maven!

Tioana Monee' Chicago Make-up Maven!

Since being a young girl playing with her grandmothers make-up on her Vanity full of fragrances Chicago Make-up Artist Tioana Monee' has always had a strong passion for make-up, beauty and fashion.

Tioana even laughs and mentions "I still don't know my moms true hair color." The glamorous beautiful women in her life have played a major influence on her love of beauty & fashion. Recalling shopping downtown every weekend and growing up as a Military Girl on air force base in southern IL also played a key role in her passion for beauty.

It's something about being surrounded or in military that gets a girl yearning for her lipstain and mascaras!  WorldWide Phenoms Also know As Youtube Gurus like Dulce Candy 87, & AshleySander & Many More all have either served in the military or have husbands who are or served in the military. Like the famous youtubers Tioana has looked to make-up as being a homey feeling, where girls can be girls-with fun colors and a an opportunity to begin setting new trends.

Majoring in Fashion Merchandising in Joliet Jr College and graduate of SAIC Atlanta it was the foundation to the brand she aims to build with Tioana Monee'.

"Lipsticks, Shadows For Every Woman and Every Walk of Life" explains Tioana on her plans to creating a make-up brand.Tioana Monee' Beauty Must Have Products: Gloss, Lipsticks, Lipstain, which are Versatile with the Seasons. Accentuate The Eyes, Bronzer, Conturing & Accentuating are Key.

Tioana's short term plans include: Building Cliente, and soft launching her brand Tioana Monee.Long Term she plans to build a Global Brand and bringing something not quite on the market yet.

With the following accolades under her belt: Special Effects Make-up/Prosthetics, Working for Estée Lauder for six years {and counting} as a regional make-up artist, Make-up artist for Chicago Fashion Incubator, Bravo Hair Wars, Fashion For A Cause at House of Blues, Goddess Gardens at Millennium Park and videography under TCU a Local Entertainment Company...there's no doubt that Tiona Monee' is a brand you will see in the Chicago Fashion Industry blossom.

Tioana is a Lover of all kinds of designers and lover of simplistic beauty. When asked who a few of her Favorite Icons in Beauty are Dorthy Dandridge, Audrey Heburn and Chaka Khan...all of which embody style that is timeless.

More to come on Tioana Monee' tomorrow at 11:30 tune in on twitter for #TweetChat #FashionFriday @TherealCabana   as she gives us the scoop on Fall Make-up Trends...in the meantime keep up with this Emerging artist on Twitter & Instagram @TherealCabana

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