Karol Andrea: Breaking Into Brooklyn

Karol Andrea: Breaking Into Brooklyn

This Friday March 2012 Colombian born designer Karol Andrea will hold her Fund-raiser titled: Breaking Into Brooklyn. A Fashion Fundrasing Fashion Show. Karol Andrea wowed us here in Chicago At Latino Fashion Week and now continues her dream of opening her own studio and being picked up by buyers and manufacturers nationally with a debut at Brooklyn Fashion Week.

Breaking Into Brooklyn will help raise money to support Karol's dream of showing at Brooklyn Fashion Week March 29- April 1st. Karol's designs are feminine with a structured twist. In between preparing for her fundraiser this upcoming Friday Karol took time to allow me to dive-into her world a bit and learn more about her adventurous and inspiring story:

Cha'rron: What inspired you to become a designer? (Is it a lifelong passion & dream or was it an unexpected journey?)

Karol: My mother inspired me to become a designer. Her excellent taste in clothing and along with her designs for leather apparel caught everyone’s eyes back in Colombia. I have always looked up to her and dreamed of being able to create beautiful garments from scraps. This is when I grew interest in hand sewing garments for my dolls. My mother had a small boutique in Colombia (the country where my family and I are from) and from time to time, I would help her out. As days passed by, I started to learn more techniques in designing, particularly sewing. In 2000, my family and I migrated to the US. I continued my education at Columbia College where I attained my Bachelors in Fine arts with an Emphasis in Fashion Designs. Throughout the time of my school, I worked as a retail manager to be able to support myself financially for school. Last year, I debuted my Spring/Summer 2012 Collection during the Latino Fashion Week. This is then when I started to concentrate more in working towards my goals.

Cha'rron: What are some of your biggest influences and inspirations?

My biggest influence is my background and the sensuality of the Latin culture. The diversity and how passionate and colorful we are in South America always inspired me along with their determination and hard work. I am also very inspired by the glamor of old films and actresses like Maria Felix and Audrey Hepburn. I want every woman who wears my garments to feel like a movie star, elegant, glamorous and breath taking.

Cha'rron: You were phenomenal at Latino Fashion Week here in Chicago! Now you are off to Brooklyn Fashion Week! What are your dreams for your design label Karol Andrea!?

It is my honor to be part of the Brooklyn Fashion Week. It is in my hopes for my brand and designs to be recognized as much as possible. The next step is to eventually have a few boutiques sell my collections. It is always a pleasure to be able to work with other designers and the ultimate goal for this year is to have my collections be featured at the Mercedes Fashion Week, which I think Brooklyn will lead to that. I know it takes diligence and dedication to be able to attain these goals, but I am up for the challenge to get to the next step of my career. Right now, I currently use my kitchen as my studio. I am hoping to establish a studio and have more rooms to be able to produce my garments for I am the only one producing every single item. I dream for Brooklyn Fashion Week for buyers and manufacturers to be impressed in my hopes to have my own boutique someday.

If any indication in the success and growth in the last 10 years, Karol Andrea is destined to become a success and even surpass her dreams! Let's help Karol achieve her goal via kickstarter: Breaking Into Brooklyn   I wish Karol Huge success in Brooklyn Fashion Week!!

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