Friday Favorites!!

Friday Favorites!!

When I think of Spring I think of fun, bright, even quirky prints and colors that we have to store away until the warm sunshine weather...Now Spring has officially arrived!

Anna Hovet's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is full of bright energetic colors that are perfect to accompany the beautiful weather and energy of Spring! I'm a big fan of Anna's signature art tees! I own three pair and counting :) The silhouettes in her tops and dresses are ahh-mazzing! The Versatile Sophia Tunic is so feminine yet a dash of sporty---♥

Rebecca George of Purple & Lime has the personality that is so free-spirited and her fun hand crafted designs are no different! As a owner and fan of a few of her jewelry designs I love to jazz up a tee paired with a blazer & for an unexpected fun statement! View her designs on Etsy  & contact Rebecca for a fun customized design!


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