Trunk Club Brings You No Hassle Haberdashery

Trunk Club Brings You No Hassle Haberdashery
Trunk Club VP's John Tucker & Kevin Price with CEO, Brian Spaly.

If you meet Brian Spaly, CEO of Trunk Club, you’ll know he has one overarching passion: to make men look good. Men, he says, typically don't prioritize fashion. Sure, most men can pull together a great wool suit paired with a sharp tie. The basic building blocks, however, haven’t changed for decades, so with a little effort a man can go from drab to dapper rather expeditiously.

Business casual or upscale casual require a bit more focus. There are many choices, some of which may be better off left out of the consideration set. This is when Trunk Club comes to the rescue.

The premise is pretty simple. Register one time, give a sales associate your special style, receive a trunk full of up to 10 items of clothing (specifically picked for you) on your doorstep, pick your favorites, pay for what you like and return the rest. Risk-free fashion. No hassle haberdashery.

Spaly, a Princeton graduate and founder of Bonobos (a company founded on the principle that men’s pants should not just fit, but fit well), has an exceptional bond with his customer. Mainly, because he fits right into the company’s demographic.  He's busy, he loves fashion, but he hates shopping for himself. A lot of men seem to relate. In rather short order, 6000 men from 20-something to 50-something have already relied upon Trunk Club to spruce up their closets. They don’t have much time or inclination to shop for themselves, but they appreciate putting their best foot forward. Even better if that foot's been dressed by an expert with great taste and quick turnaround time.

Clothing prices range from $100-$250. A custom trunk’s payload can harbor jeans, sweaters, shirts, or socks from brands such as Jack Spade, Eton, JBrand and John Varvatos. Customers can stop by the Chicago based office, call-in, or shop online. Trunk Club will ship anywhere in the US and can ship trunks out on the same day, so someone living on the West Coast planning for the upcoming season can get a trunk just as quickly as a last minute traveler planning for an unexpected event on the East Coast.

Expect to see some new product lines as they expand into other accessories and kidswear. Rob Chesney, fresh from Silicon Valley and with eBay roots has just joined the team as COO, adding some complimentary expertise and new ideas from a company known for disrupting the retail model. So, if you start to see a few more trunks being loaded out of the local delivery truck and headed to your neighbor's front door you'll know why.


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