GogoAir: Holiday travel... revisited

GogoAir: Holiday travel... revisited

An inflight movie you might actually enjoy? Impossible!

Imagine this: You are on a 4 hour flight. You’d rather recite the alphabet, backwards, in a foreign language, than watch the abominable movie selection offered by the airline.

GogoAir gives you 100+ films and TV shows as options. Download them onto your laptop. For $4 per movie or $1 a TV show. Since you can stream and download the entertainment in-flight, you can spend the night before packing rather than loading up your iPad or laptop with new content. And... you can shop online with a multitude of shopping sites such as Gilt.com... the guilty pleasure.

How? It has an exclusive, national, air-to-ground spectrum license. Which, in layman's terms, means it’s the only company in the country that points its cell towers skyward, allowing you the luxury of logging onto the Internet while zipping by 35,000 feet above ground.

The movie/TV options are available on American Airlines, with Delta upcoming. Airlines love it, because it reduces the bulky weight of those video recorders (which, by the way, I find about as reliable as a roulette wheel). More weight these days means only one thing: more gas, which means higher costs.

Their other offering, inflight Internet, is already in over 1200 commercial flights and 9 airlines.

Thank goodness someone up there wants to make sure you are a happy traveller. And, just in time for the holidays.

Find It: www.gogoair.com


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