Little Village candidate wins 'Chewie' endorsement

Little Village candidate wins 'Chewie' endorsement

Little Village is Jesús "Chuy" García Town, no doubt about it, and his endorsements weigh heavily among Latino voters. It's understood that in this political climate, whoever Chuy supports wins the race.

Of the four candidates looking to succeed Ald. Ricardo Muñoz (22nd), who is currently away getting his life together, Richard Juarez Sr. has maintained a firm yet playful undertone to his campaign.

His latest move was securing the endorsement of "Chewie" from Star Wars.

Those of us who remember Chuy's abrupt run for mayor after CTU President Karen Lewis fell ill, recall that non-Latino voters simply could not train their tongues to properly say Chuy García.

Personally, I think there was some underlying prejudice against the candidate with the big mustache. I didn't hear pundits complaining about pronouncing Blagojevich or Preckwinkle. But I digress.

The point is that it became a running gag to say, and spell, Chuy's name as Star Wars' Chewbacca. Chuy went with the flow; his campaign made the best of it.

Five years later, now as the new Congressman, Chuy officially endorses ward Committeeman, Mike Rodriguez, to Muñoz' post.

To that end, Juarez devised his own endorsement in front of retiring Congressman Luis Gutierrez' old district office. Someone in a "Chewie" costume steps up to the camera and shakes Juarez' hand in a clear parody of the typical Chicago political ad.


For voters apathetic about electoral politics, the candidate's calculated humor is refreshing.

Well played.

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