Hospital Sues To Halt Riot Fest Over Noise and Traffic

Hospital Sues To Halt Riot Fest Over Noise and Traffic
Zone of Quiet (Photo: Jackie Serrato)

Imagine the congestion in the Lawndale area as Riot Fest unfolds for the first time one mile north of the 46th Annual Mexican Independence Day Parade in Little Village, which alone attracts more than 100,000 spectators. The three-day music festival is expected to draw 45,000 people daily.

Saint Anthony Hospital was also thinking about the parade when it filed a motion to halt Riot Fest from happening September 11-13 at Douglas Park, citing disruptive street closures, pedestrian traffic and a violation of the Zone of Quiet Ordinance that protects the noise levels in the Medical District.

Riot Fest is scheduled to take place on the southern half of the park, across the street from Saint Anthony Hospital, as well as Mount Sinai Hospital which is a Level 1 trauma center that regularly treats gunshot wound victims in the West and South West Sides.

Festival organizers say they have reached out to and negotiated with hospital officials and aldermen. George Cardenas told CBS, “This whole issue is about money because [Riot Fest] went through the process of permits.”

In an email, Saint Anthony Hospital Vice President James A. Sifuentes said, “We have tried to collaborate with the Riot Fest organizers to address our concerns, to no avail."

Earlier in the year Riot Fest was kicked out of Humboldt Park for alleged unresolved damage to the park.

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