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Back to School and Social Media: Keeping Your Kids Safe and Happy

There is no time like the fall; school is back in session and routine begins to settle quickly. As children return to school, new friends are made, activities begin and social media madness begins to quickly rise. We see more kids with smart phones in their hands today than at any other time in our... Read more »

Who Is Your Champion?

Originally published May 11. Today I publish again, in honor of Dr. Rita Pierson, a great loss to the education community. Her speech inspired so many on the opening of the first education TED talk live on TV. Please see her speech below. Thank you Rita. According to Michele McNeil of EdWeek: “Not since the... Read more »

Thank You: Teachers Who Sang, Danced and Saved Lives

The end of the school year is quickly approaching for many students and teachers. This year was a challenging year for almost everyone in education. We saw quite a bit of struggling, anger, policy change, tears and hearts broken. Some say, this time in education has been one of the most unstable since the desegregation... Read more »

International Education, Freedom And Gratitude

I was recently honored to be asked to cover a conference at the University of Chicago. The main topics discussed were in regard to higher education, K-12, online learning and the Fulbright Scholarship. The panel was fascinating, as it opened up with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and continued with discussions from some of the best and... Read more »

A Day In The Life Of A Teacher: Dedicated to the millions of teachers and to the Teacher of the Year, Jeff Charbonneau.

A Day In The Life Of A Teacher Dedicated to the millions of teachers and to the teacher of the year, Jeff Charbonneau. I’ve had many days like this…….. “I’ve put you on door duty, and hope you don’t mind. Can you be down 20 minutes before the bell? Thanks, you’re one of a kind.... Read more »

Why Parents Must Advocate For Their Children

For some local school districts, it is time to register for kindergarten. For those who are new to public school, it is imperative to understand how and why parents must advocate for their children now, before the school year starts. The tips below can be used for children of all ages and grades. All children... Read more »

Basketball and Human Kindness

It is quite evident that social media has changed the way most of us live. Within seconds, information crosses over borders, flies above oceans and lands within the palms of our hands. Many adults now choose to share their private lives, while the Millennial Generation was born and raised online. For many, social media has... Read more »

Why I Love Writing About Education

Why I Love Writing About Education
The other day someone casually asked me why I write and contribute to the education world when there is clearly no stake in it for me personally. I thought about this statement for quite a while and asked my colleagues and myself the same question. Why do we write? Do we write to sell ourselves,... Read more »

To My Teacher Friends..If You Missed This..A Must Read..

To My Teacher Friends..If You Missed This..A Must Read..
To my teacher friends, colleagues and all of the parents who feel this way: I say Thank You! Greg Beeler wrote this post on Facebook after the Newtown tragedy. More than an arms debate, it is a true testament to what educators do on a daily basis. We are the counselors, teachers, cooks (sometimes), coaches,... Read more »

Secrets Of A Linkedin Groupie: Teachers, Students & Social Media

  As teachers, the fear of social media is not without due cause. We have all seen the stories; inappropriate relationships developing through text messages, “bad teacher” websites, and the ongoing disagreements between parents, unions, public and private schools. However, without social media in education, we are not preparing our kids for the future. Social... Read more »
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    Robyn Shulman

    Robyn is currently the Creative Director at Dreams for Kids. She is a certified elementary teacher and ESL teacher in Illinois, who has taught 4th-6th grade, middle school ESL, and ESL to adults. She specializes in the fields of writing, ESL, technology and higher education. She is an academic and career professional advisor for the state of Illinois, the Managing Editor of ED News Daily, and a blogger for Chicago Now. She has been published and/or profiled on Linkedin Today, Edudemic, Reading Horizons, BG Patch, fhytimes, Edutopia, Elmer's Glue, Xavier University News and more. Robyn was recently featured on Linkedin's corporate blog: An Unexpected Journey: 10 Ways Linkedin Changed My Life In One Year. Humbled and honored, she was also interviewed by Xavier University, discussing her life's dedication and work in the field of education, as part of their "American Dream Project," the only collection of American dreamers to date. In addition to her passion for writing, she also has a great love of higher education. She launched and managed the first graduate advising program for National Louis University, supporting over 2,500 teachers. She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration in ESL.

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