Don't Let Tragedy Be The Reason To Become Grateful

imagesIt is not often that I write about personal experiences on this blog. However, today I am because I feel the topic is very important.

Life moves quickly, and sometimes it seems that we repeat the same routines over and over, going through the motions. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months and months into years. Many times we wonder where the time goes, as life passes us by. We can drive to work without remembering how we got there, take the kids to school, make dinner and on and on the circle continues to spin.

Our routines can seem boring, as many of us are itching for more out of life. We forget that there is so much beauty in an ordinary day. We forget to be grateful for waking up.

Some people, like myself, have been with and without. I learned from a very young age what it means to be grateful.

However, today, my daughter and I were very close to getting into a serious car accident. An ordinary trip to the grocery store almost turned into tragedy. One inch away, along with one slam on the brakes stopped my life for a moment frozen in time. Had I not been paying extra attention, I cannot imagine the outcome.

We must be grateful, for every waking moment.

I won't ask you to hug your kids a bit more tonight, I ask you to hug them a bit more every night. Find beauty in your daily routine. Complain less and appreciate more. Say thank you at the end of an email. Offer to help others when they need you. Hold the door open for others. Look at the stars at night because you have vision. Touch the sand because you can feel it. Embrace the warmth of the sun and appreciate the cool fall days filled with color. Walk outside and feel the wind blow. Talk with friends because you can and don't make excuses; open up that calendar for those important to you. Love those who are close to you even when you are mad at them. Be aware. Be compassionate.

Appreciate and be grateful because someone, somewhere has less than you. Our lives can change with a slam on the brakes.

Live in the present and be grateful for the ordinary days.




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