Buffalo Grove Park District Asks Parents To Chill Out



Emmerich Park in Buffalo Grove has a new sign up addressing parents' behavior during sports games. Mike Terson, who is the Buffalo Grove park district's public relations and marketing manager, came up with the idea for the signs after noticing inappropriate or hot-headed behavior by parents at some of his own son's games.

These signs are a great reminder for all parents that kids need to be kids, have fun, and enjoy the game for what it is, a game.

Directly from the sign (courtesy of NBC):

“Of the hundreds of thousands of children who have ever played youth sports in Buffalo Grove, very few have gone on to play professionally. It is highly unlikely that any college recruiters or professional scouts are watching these games; so, let’s keep it all about having fun and being pressure-free.

“Referees umpires and officials are human and make mistakes, just like players, coaches and you. No one shouts at you in front of other people when you make a mistake, so please don’t yell at them. We do not have video replay; so, we will go with their calls.”

I am happy to see these signs because sports should teach kids to respect each other, collaborate and enjoy the competition. Not everyone can or should win. Sports should always be fun for kids, rather than a chore.

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