Thank You: Teachers Who Sang, Danced and Saved Lives

teacherThe end of the school year is quickly approaching for many students and teachers. This year was a challenging year for almost everyone in education. We saw quite a bit of struggling, anger, policy change, tears and hearts broken. Some say, this time in education has been one of the most unstable since the desegregation of schools. We have lived through teacher strikes, school closings, jobs lost, debates over the Common Core, technology and standardized testing.

We will never forget the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook or the lives lost during the tornado in Oklahoma.

We will also never forget the bravery of so many teachers who, by instinct and by choice, saved the lives of so many children.

Daily, there are untold stories of lives being changed forever by teachers. You may know some; those teachers who keep food in their desks for the hungry, a pair of extra gloves for cold hands, and those who constantly repeat words of encouragement that turn an insecure child into a confident and happy one.

Simply said, our teachers are heroes.

Thank you for all you do every single day. Your work has not gone unnoticed.

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May you have a wonderful, relaxing summer.


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