Basketball and Human Kindness

Father and Son at Basketball GymIt is quite evident that social media has changed the way most of us live. Within seconds, information crosses over borders, flies above oceans and lands within the palms of our hands. Many adults now choose to share their private lives, while the Millennial Generation was born and raised online.

For many, social media has become a tool to dispense unattractive behavior, sitting quietly hidden behind a computer. Videos of bullying and violence have quickly risen to the top of sites such as YouTube and Facebook. However, for every action there is a reaction. Social media has also become a tool for sharing and spreading the good things that resonate with so many. We have seen incredible fund raising projects, initiatives to help those who are sick, and family reunions that could have never been achieved without our wireless world.

Since I am in education, I feel obliged to share videos of students doing amazing things. The video below is a tribute to all of the wonderful and unnoticed differences our students make on a daily basis. This video is a tribute to the values we should all share, the innate ability to care for one another, and the simple act of human kindness.

Lastly, this video touches on the greatness of giving, from one student to another. It reaches out to those who empathize with the needs and feelings of others, while shining the light on a simple act that will last forever for many. For those who play or coach a sport, you may find yourself saying or feeling, "sometimes, this is what the game is all about". Please share, as this is a video everyone should watch.



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