Why I Love Writing About Education

Why I Love Writing About Education

The other day someone casually asked me why I write and contribute to the education world when there is clearly no stake in it for me personally. I thought about this statement for quite a while and asked my colleagues and myself the same question. Why do we write? Do we write to sell ourselves, give back to the world, to be noticed, to share knowledge, create engaging discussions and/or educate others? Do we write simply because we become so passionate about a topic that we can't sleep at night? Are we tossing and turning searching for the perfect words and statements that will make an impact on the lives of our readers? Do our linguistic abilities fill our hearts and souls with nourishment?

For me personally, I write about education because it holds a special place in my heart. Education gave me the ability to write this article. Education took me out of poverty, opened up a new world, and made me who I am today.

Education made me fall in love with the simple need and demand for more knowledge, to know more, to debate and to learn from my mentors and peers.

I fell in love with education when I was in 6th grade. I adored many of my teachers, as the passion for their content areas was contagious. In high school, I looked forward to reading and interpreting Chaucer, Wordsworth, and Shakespeare. I loved the sound of Old English, as my teacher would recite from Romeo and Juliet. Her voice was magical as the art of our imaginations took us out of the classroom for those 40 minutes. Our dreams for ourselves felt overwhelmingly strong and easily attainable through the strength of the written word.

In college, I was fascinated by the discussions I had in Science as I learned about how the universe worked. I adored my professor who taught this course. He made every session enjoyable, telling us short stories about the moon, cracking little jokes during every lesson. He made a room of 200 students laugh with ease, while making the phases of the moon exciting (Northeastern...1995..waxing and waning gibbous..I'll never forget those phases).

I love education and I write about it because it is forever life changing. I write because I believe it is my time to give back and to help others understand the value of an education. I write because education is necessary in a world that is in great transition. I write for the strength of the written word, to encourage the love of learning, self-nourishment, and simply because I believe in the power of education and helping our community. I believe writing makes a difference. Therefore, I will continue to write.

Why do you write?

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