Massive Open Online Courses: Free Learning For Everyone

MOOCIf you have not heard about the current revolution taking place in higher education, please take some time and research the word MOOC: Massive Open Online Courses. MOOC's are online courses that are typically free of charge and open to everyone around the world. What makes MOOC's so cool? Professors are transforming education through top elite universities by teaching classes that were once set aside only for certain students. Now, anyone who has an internet connection can sign up for courses that were once considered unattainable. There are no barriers, no entrance exams, and they are free, open, and ready for anyone who wants to learn anything from knitting to quantum physics.  If you are a self-learner and want to take a course from an elite university, now is your chance. MOOC's were not originally created for higher education credit; however, some universities are now starting to offer them as a way for students to test drive a degree.

Here are links to all of the current MOOC offerings, along with their institutions:

1. Yale
2. Harvard
3. Carnegie Mellon
4. Duke
5. MIT
6. UC Berkeley
7. Stanford
9. Itunes
10. Udemy
11. Coursera

Looking for free online learning for kids? No problem. Check out Khan Academy. Kids can choose videos by interest, and this is a great way to add a bit more of free learning and motivation to their academic plate.

Please keep an eye on education as it is truly transforming right now. I'm off to learn a little PHP.

Happy learning!

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