What You Need To Know Now About The American Dream

The American Dream has not changed. The route to attain the dream has changed. The playing field has leveled, and there are millions of people (yes millions) who want your job right now. A college degree does not guarantee a prosperous future or life-long employment anymore. It is imperative that parents and prospective college students do their homework in regard to college and career choices. Technology is moving faster than most of us are prepared, however, it is our responsibility as parents and teachers to help our next generation make wise decisions. Many students are walking out of college with degrees that are tragically useless in this day and age. Parents and teachers, please take the time to invest in our children, as they are our future.

Here are some tips for prospective college students:

1. Choose your career path using both your heart and your head

2.  Focus greatly on your strengths, build on them, and do not focus on your weaknesses

3.  Research, research, research

4.  Follow your passion, but combine it with a solid career choice

5.  Shadow someone in a career of interest; talk with him/her to get a real sense of the field

6.  Follow your instincts

7.  Use social media in a smart way: stop and think before you send that text, post a picture, or write an email; nothing goes away online, even if you delete it

8.  Always keep going

9.  Be aware of the playing field by knowing yourself and what makes you stand out

10.  Make use of your time wisely by volunteering, networking and giving

Please join me on Linkedin to discuss these issues, as they are the hottest topics for our upcoming generation.  We must understand the needs of our future for our economy and for our kids. The American Dream must stay alive and well.

Please see my interview with Xavier University's American Dream Project:

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