A 6th Grade Thanksgiving

A 6th Grade Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a very special time in America. Not only because it is a tradition, but because it is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate relationships, create special time, and make lasting memories. Although this time of the year focuses on family and being grateful, I believe we should be grateful every day.

When I was in the classroom, my students kept a grateful journal and wrote in it daily. I wanted my students to learn the true meaning of being grateful, as it applied to their own worlds, along with the world around them. At the beginning of the year most students wrote about material items they were grateful for, and as we talked more about their entries, they learned that being grateful didn't always have to relate to items or objects. They learned that being grateful applies to everything inside of them, including health and the natural environment that surrounded them.

I saved many of these journals, and would like to share some of the amazing entries that may seem simple, but are really beautiful. My 6th grade class wrote these in 1999:

I am grateful:

1. because I can learn to speak English in America.

2. for my friend who walks home with me every day.

3. because my teacher cares about me and wants me to be successful.

4. for seeing snow for the first time and making a snowman.

5. because my mom got a new job.

6. because I was able to come to this country with my family.

7. because I never saw the tress change into different colors, and I did this year for the first time.

8. for grocery stores.

9. for books.

10. for Mrs. Stoller's mailbox where I can leave a note if I have a problem.

11. for days off of school.

12. for my new baby brother.

13. for a big school with different teachers and classrooms.

14. because my dad will be moving to America soon to be with our family.

15. for the warm sun on a cold day.

16. because I can get up and walk to school with both of my legs.

17. because I broke my arm and got a cool cast that my friends could sign.

18. for my bike.

19. for my long hair and all of the new fun stuff I can put into it.

20. for all of the new friends I made at school so far.

I am grateful to be able to write this and I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!




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