Teaching: A Reputation Sadly Gone Awry

The attack on the education/teaching profession as a whole itself is unjust.  Teaching used to be a highly reputable and respected position, and now it seems that the average teacher is thought of as greedy and selfish, and this is not only limited to CPS, this is everywhere.  Teachers have unions that speak for them, no matter how they truly feel.  They are working in a system that is set up by taxpayers because they don't have a choice.  They may seem unsuccessful because they have a curriculum handed to them in one-size-fits-all box, with no room, support, and/or resources to modify, accommodate or support multiple intelligences.

Effective teachers do not want to work with ineffective teachers.

Teachers have to make the impossible, possible.  Maslow's Hieracrhy of Needs states that all  basic needs (please see in the diagram) must be met for success.  How many kids come to school with their physiological needs met?  If a child is hungry, thirsty and/or does not have proper clothing, they are already set up for a day of failure.  Nobody can concentrate when they are are hungry, tired, etc.


Are all teachers great?  Obviously, the answer is no.  Do we need a full overhaul of the American education system? Yes!  We need an overhaul because we are teaching our kids in a system based on the industrial revolution.

Everyone chooses their own field and their own careers.  There seems to be a miscommunication as to what good teachers do every single day of the school year and outside of the school year.  Effective teachers should not have to demand more money because they should be getting paid what they deserve.  Effective teachers make a difference and change lives.  Effective teachers made it possible for you to read this article this minute. They taught you how to write a reaction (fact vs. opinion)?

Effective teachers guide, support, care, and work extra hard to make sure 30+ students all have what they need to be successful.  They support our kids in all academic subjects, work with them on social, emotional, behavioral and developmental issues.  A good teacher loves his/her profession and it shows.

Effective teachers do not want to work with ineffective teachers, just as much as you don't want your child in an ineffective classroom.

The most effective teachers leave the profession within 5 years.  I did.  Why do you believe effective teachers leave so soon?



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