Don't Let Your Comfort Zone Hold You Back For One More Second

Don't Let Your Comfort Zone Hold You Back For One More Second

Education has been on a rough ride for the past few years.  The changes have affected those who work in all realms and areas of education, including, but not limited to: early childhood, the public and private sector, education companies, start-ups and higher education.  We have all been affected in some way. In 2011, I had to make a very difficult decision as I watched my beloved university struggle. I had to step outside of my comfort zone, take risks, and move forward. This was not an easy ride for me at the beginning. It took me a good 6 months to make baby steps, to reach out to others, and to also reach within.

I decided I was not going to let fear of rejection paralyze me. I joined Linkedin and became very active. I joined many conversations within groups, began reaching out to others, and formed some of the most precious relationships to date. I joined Linkedin with every intent to find employment opportunities, however, I found so much more and so many others found me.

I overcame my nonsensical fears and jumped forward in slow motion. I took one step, and then another and then I ran. I ran with my art, my writing, and I reached out to people who I thought were forever off-limits, or too high professionally to consider talking with me. I was wrong.

I was so pleasantly surprised. I didn't look back often. When I finally let go completely, the magic began.

I hope you can view this presentation and use it as a way to motivate yourself.  Take baby steps, look outside of your own comfort zone, and when ready, take action.

Linkedin was my platform to begin. However, any platform is applicable as long as it changes your life.

Please view and enjoy!


10 Ways Linkedin Changed My Life In One Year from Robyn Shulman

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