My Top 20 Wish List For The New School Year

My Top 20 Wish List For The New School Year

As a mom and a teacher, this is my top 20 wish list for the new school year.  If we lived in a perfect world, I would ask for all of these changes:

  1. No child should come to school hungry.
  2. Every child would get a good night's sleep and have clean clothes and shoes for school daily.
  3. Bullying would no longer exist.
  4. Every child would like school because the curriculum would be modified to fit his/her needs and interests (I bet bullying would go away...)
  5. Creativity would be encouraged more, while standardized test scores would be very, very limited.
  6. Our students would no longer be labeled by a test score, but rather as a whole person with individual gifts, strengths, and talents.
  7. Multiple intelligences would be considered for all kids, and acted upon.
  8. Teachers would have all of the resources and help they needed, and class sizes were limited to 15.
  9. Parents could be more involved.
  10. Communities would make decisions together to best meet the needs of the students.
  11. No student would be labeled.
  12. Cultural differences would be respected and cherished.
  13. Everyone would smile a bit more.
  14. Politics sat this one out.
  15. We moved from an assembly line type of instruction to an individual, creative type of instruction (thank you Sir Ken Robinson).
  16. Parents and teachers would be role models for their kids.
  17. We could re-define school success.
  18. Move away a bit from technology and spend more time together, live.
  19. Teachers would be cherished and appreciated more for all the hard work they do.
  20. Everyone should feel safe, warm and welcomed when they come to school, every single day.

If you could choose one of these wishes for the school year, which one would you choose and why?

Think about it, say it, and share it.....I believe in good energy with words and thoughts, as they turn into actions.  Thoughts become things!

Have a great 2012-2013 school year!

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