How To Stay Afloat In The Workforce....A Brief Career Lesson

Over the past 7 years of my career, I have been working with the higher education population (mainly adults working on further certifications).   My role covered both academic and career advising.  For the past 3 years, I have been trying to make my message clear:  searching for a job has changed, the playing field is completely different, and to keep going, everyone must grow and adapt to the changes.  Technology and social media are here to stay.  Many are intimidated, afraid to learn, and/or simply don't believe in these changes.  However, they are real.

Keeping the American Dream alive has turned a new chapter, with new players, laptops and groups of virtual people leaving trails of messages all over the web.

What does this mean?  The basic resume is slowly drifting out to sea, while social media has taken the front seat.  The leading social media outlet for landing a job, networking and showing off one's brand (yes, a brand for a person....sad but true) is Linkedin.

If any of these terms sound unfamiliar, it is time to start researching.  Learn how to use these tools properly, make yourself known on the internet, and be found.  Employers are looking for specific talent online, while the piles of white and black resumes collect desk on someone's table in an empty conference room.

Being unemployed is difficult to say the least.  The lack of money and financial security is frightening.  Unemployment affects everyone now, from the GED student to the professor in higher education.  The loss of social status, lack of routine, and the feeling of being excluded from the workforce is depressing; however IT IS NOT hopeless.

Stay hopeful, become open minded, and be willing to learn the new game, as these are usually the biggest obstacles in the way.

For those who may have missed 60 minutes tonight, there is a very special man running a very special place in Connecticut.  His name is Joe Carbone, and he runs The Workplace, helping those who have been unemployed.  His organization runs classes for weeks, teaching about the job search in today's age.  He helps many find intern roles, and many of those roles have turned into jobs.

Here is a link to the show:;storyMediaBox

I hope this video can shed some light on the job search.

Right before I watched this show, I finally completed my visual CV.  I am sharing it here with all of my readers, as to provide an example of a 'new trend' in standing out.  Please feel free to use as an example for your own visual CV.



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