Ode To The Post-It Note

Ode To The Post-It Note

Tomorrow is a big day for me.  I am humbled, honored, and most of all, grateful because I have been asked to participate in Xavier University's 'American Dream Project'.  Here is a link if you have not heard of it:  http://www.xavier.edu/americandream/.  I will be interviewed on video, and will be sharing short stories about my life both personally and professionally.

One of the questions I had to prepare for was the following:  "Why did you choose education as a career?"  There are various reasons why I chose to go into education; many of these reasons resonate with facts from my childhood to my love of academics, gaining knowledge and making a difference in the world.

However, during my early high school years, I discovered I had a love of writing.  Teachers were noticing my work, friends were enjoying my stories, and a great passion for sharing the written word quickly took over.  By my junior year, I was researching the journalism field, as I knew I would have to make a decision in regard to my undergraduate studies.

I was torn.  I could not decide.  I did not stop talking about it.  I drove my family crazy.  I tried to find the answer outside of myself because I couldn't find it inside, even though it was there, and had been for many years.

I finally called Northeastern and asked if they could possibly send me information about both programs.  The big white envelope came with 2 brochures, program information and 2 admission forms.   In the middle of the folder, I noticed a blue Post-it note that stated:  "Whichever program you choose, I know you will find success."

I put the note on my bulletin board in my bedroom and read it daily.   I was so shocked that a stranger working at a university would take the time to write to me personally, while handing over such a strong message of encouragement, confidence and strength.  I was touched greatly by this random act of kindness.  The words were so powerful, yet so quietly sitting in the folder.   The time it took to write the little message was probably under 10 seconds, yet it assisted me in making a life changing decision.

I finally knew.  I chose to go into teaching because I couldn't believe how a stranger and a Post-It note could make such a difference in my world.  If he/she could affect me so strongly, I knew I could bring this magic and so much more to others, especially those little minds filled with wonder.

Mr. or Mrs. Post-it, I thank you for helping me make the right decision.  I still have your note.

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