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Top 5 Reasons Why Social Media is Making Us More Honest

Social media is arguably one of the most influential technologies in history.  And while I find myself using it more and more for business, I’m still not a huge personal user (compared to some of my really geeky friends).  This might be due to the national episode that happened to me about a year and... Read more »

Snow Computing

In a post I wrote last summer on cloud computing, I shared my thoughts on the vague usage of “cloud computing”, within both technical and non-technical audiences.  It’s finally becoming generally accepted that the cloud is more or less a marketing term today.  I like the seasonal approach–perhaps snow computing during the anticipated Snowpocalypse?  We seem... Read more »

Dear 2011: Why Am I still Getting My Own Beer?

Why am I still driving a car and getting my own beer from the fridge?  Seriously, what happened to the 80’s when robots were on the rise?  I thought I would need Old Glory insurance by now…what a disappointment. Instead, I still have to do everything manually.  Take exercising and eating for example.  Allegedly, there’s... Read more »

Dell Streak Update, Top Android Apps

This week I want to revisit one of the many devices I’ve used over the past year, the Dell Streak. A few months ago I wrote a teaser on this Android tablet/phone, that was originally released on the 1.6 version of the platform.  I promised a follow up on it and it kind of fell... Read more »

Take Cover IT: Attack of the Millennials!!!

Attack of the Millennials Being born on the cusp of Gen-X and Gen-Y (aka Millennials), I think I relate to both generations pretty well.  Although I was born in ’79, technically the periods collide around ’82–though I’ve always been a bit immature for my age.  And I’m sure both generations will probably agree that they too occasionally hear Super Mario music... Read more »

Why Open Platforms Over Traditional Technology?

Customers ask us all the time, "why do I care about using 'open' technologies versus proprietary?"  For many years this has been a challenge to illustrate due to the open source world having somewhat of an identity crisis. So many people think of "open" as open source, which is somewhat of an enigma in the... Read more »

Dell Streak Unboxing

Check out this beast that arrived last week.  It's incredibly massive with a 5" screen, and many friends now make fun of me and call it an iPad.  Check out the comparison with the X10 below, which has a 4" inch screen (iPhone 4 is 3.5").

iPad for Sale

Yes, it’s true.  After only having it for about three months, the edPad is going on eBay.  I’ve had my ups and downs with it, though I’ve finally realized that it’s a very expensive e-book reader. Don’t get me wrong, I use my iPad everyday.  And up until about  three weeks ago when I purchased... Read more »

Social Media is Sooo 2009

Is it me or is everybody on earth becoming a journalist/blogger/expert?  Everyday, we are seeing more and more individuals who are starting their own columns on everything from Java Beans to Justin Bieber.  It’s incredibly easy for an individual to express what they are passionate about, whether anybody reads it or not.  If they do,... Read more »

Forget Stimulus Funds, Open Software can Save the Economy

Are we in a recession?  Who knows anymore.  Every couple of months you hear about job rates improving, then huge layoffs going on the next.  It’s probably safe to say a bull economy is years away, rather than months.  One thing’s for sure, technology still seems to me an exception among many other industries that... Read more »