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Top 5 Features of Google Plus

Top 5 Features of Google Plus
In my last post I wrote about the the top five annoyances of Google+, and why it’s struggling to become the next facebook.  Well, it appears that somebody out in Mountain View read my post. Google Apps Support.  Over the past week Google launched support and integration between Google Apps and Google+, which allows them... Read more »

2015: Top 5 Tech Blog

Dear Ed: You’re reading this note that you wrote to yourself from the year 2015, so stop reading all those other technology predictions and focus on this one because it’s the real deal.   Also, you start to get a little chubby in 2012.  I only say this because we work really hard to get... Read more »

Snow Computing

In a post I wrote last summer on cloud computing, I shared my thoughts on the vague usage of “cloud computing”, within both technical and non-technical audiences.  It’s finally becoming generally accepted that the cloud is more or less a marketing term today.  I like the seasonal approach–perhaps snow computing during the anticipated Snowpocalypse?  We seem... Read more »

Why Open Platforms Over Traditional Technology?

Customers ask us all the time, "why do I care about using 'open' technologies versus proprietary?"  For many years this has been a challenge to illustrate due to the open source world having somewhat of an identity crisis. So many people think of "open" as open source, which is somewhat of an enigma in the... Read more »

Are you in the Business of IT, or Business of the Business?

The evolution of business technology is quite impressive to say the least.  For decades, businesses have used technology to make the organization more efficient, reactive and responsive.  Historically, it’s been one of the most isolated segments of an organization, though also one of the most expensive. Unfortunately, this has also given technology a bad name–a... Read more »