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Top 5 Features of Google Plus

Top 5 Features of Google Plus
In my last post I wrote about the the top five annoyances of Google+, and why it’s struggling to become the next facebook.  Well, it appears that somebody out in Mountain View read my post. Google Apps Support.  Over the past week Google launched support and integration between Google Apps and Google+, which allows them... Read more »

Dell Streak Update, Top Android Apps

This week I want to revisit one of the many devices I’ve used over the past year, the Dell Streak. A few months ago I wrote a teaser on this Android tablet/phone, that was originally released on the 1.6 version of the platform.  I promised a follow up on it and it kind of fell... Read more »

Dell Streak Unboxing

Check out this beast that arrived last week.  It's incredibly massive with a 5" screen, and many friends now make fun of me and call it an iPad.  Check out the comparison with the X10 below, which has a 4" inch screen (iPhone 4 is 3.5").

iPad for Sale

Yes, it’s true.  After only having it for about three months, the edPad is going on eBay.  I’ve had my ups and downs with it, though I’ve finally realized that it’s a very expensive e-book reader. Don’t get me wrong, I use my iPad everyday.  And up until about  three weeks ago when I purchased... Read more »

Technology and Education of Tomorrow

Ed or Alive is still taking shape, so you can expect some random topics for the next few weeks.  I’ll likely keep talking about general dorky technology, though this issue I’ve decided to talk about something I’m extremely passionate about.  And it happens to be something that every person that has a child (I don’t)... Read more »