Top 5 Things to Bring to a Deserted Island...for Bachelors

Top 5 Things to Bring to a Deserted Island...for Bachelors

I'm not sure where this came from, though I was getting some groceries the other day (Costco obviously) and thought about the things I would need to survive on a deserted island. It didn't take long to come up with this. Don't judge.

'Tussin.  A.k.a. Robitussin.  This stuff is believed to have eradicated the Plague.  I have friends that actually carry this stuff in their pockets at all times (you know who you are), just in case they come down with a cold at the spur of the moment. This is not a lie.

Neosporin.  I nearly sliced my finger off last summer, though it was no match for a little Neosporin, band-aids and super glue (under guidance from a doctor friend).  I'm sure stitches would have been more appropriate.

Android tablet. Of course I'd need a solar charger, and it would need to be loaded with this app.

Tag Heuer watch. This hasn't left my sight since I bought it back in '05. It brings nothing to the table from a survival perspective, though it's super shiny!

Some sweet jeans. Preferably I'd like to have a pair of my Hudsons or True Religions...or mom jeans.

Hopefully I never end up on a deserted island.

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