2011 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is officially heating up. And Friday will mark the annual day of which thousands of people will be trampled at the door of Walmart's and Best Buys across the country. But fret not, you can avoid the mangling by purchasing online and early. Here are the hottest items that you'll want to add to your list:

1. Android Tablets. $99-$399. There are more expensive Android devices available, though there are plenty in this range that are great values (i.e. Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia).

2. Amazon Kindle Fire. $199. Amazon decided to "fork" the Android OS, which just means that it's a bit different from the other Android devices available.  It's actually a little forking annoying.  This deliberate move basically turns the device into an Amazon cash register, though it's so cheap! Note:  Not all Google Marketplace apps are available on the Fire.

3. 4G LTE Mobile Device. $149-$550.  I was upgraded to the new Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket (LTE version of SGSII). Rarely do I pay attention to mobile provider marketing campaigns that claim the latest "upgrades" or expansions, though the latest AT&T 4G LTE is blazing fast. In fact, it's faster than my broadband at home. By the way, your current 4G phone is now an antique.

4. Networked TV. Apple TV $99. Google TV $180-$600. "Smart" TV's $400-$5,000. Either way, it's now easier than ever to watch fat kids falling on Youtube...in the comfort of your living room at halftime.

5. MacBook Air $900-$1,599. While these are a bit pricey compared to other gadgets above, the new MacBook Air's are a great buy starting at $999. The Air's are packed into the size of a tablet, with the benefits of the full blown Mac platform that includes the new App Store, Facetime, and iTunes. Very nice.

Happy Gadgeting!

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