The Real Reason Steve Jobs Resigned - HTML5?

The Real Reason Steve Jobs Resigned - HTML5?

The announcement of Steve Jobs leaving Apple should be no surprise.  While his personal health concerns I'm sure are serious, it's no coincidence that he's resigning during the rise of HTML5--or the end of "apps" as we know it.  Perfect timing Steve!  What would you have to do without approving iPhone apps anyway?  Just kidding, I know you're a genius and you spend long hours standing over the shoulders of developers! (Yes, I saw Pirates of Silicon Valley.)


HTML5 is either currently in use or at least on the roadmap of just about every mobile web developer today.  There's no question that HTML5 will replace Flash, Silverlight or any other proprietary web platform.  And now that a subset of the same rich desktop browser experience is available for mobile browsers, we're theoretically capable of building full blown iOS/Android applications within the browser, eliminating the need for apps.  Theoretically at least.

While you won't get as nice of a feature set as a full blown app yet, much of the issues (e.g offline sync) are already being addressed.  More importantly, HTML5 is based on open web standards, freely available to use and deploy on their own.  And further, furthermore, there is no need to have an app store to deploy them (or be rejected for approval...ehem Apple).  Just type in the address of the app in your browser and presto, you're in.

Ok, maybe that has nothing to do with Steve leaving...or does it?


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