Does Anybody Work Anymore?

Does Anybody Work Anymore?

I just finished up "Enterprise Social Technology", a great book by Scott Klososky (@sklososky), which covers concepts and best practices for businesses to use for social media marketing and management.  The interesting part of the book is it was actually created using a crowdsourcing model, a rapidly growing technique to outsource tasks and projects.  Very much a part of the fabric of social media in general.

The book does a great job of helping organizations navigate the rapidly-evolving social media world we now live in, which inherently represents an issue for printed material.  Having read this book in non-electronic form, it was outdated before it reached me.  However, Scott does an excellent job of clarifying that the complimentary web content completes the package, which it did.  And it seams that their team is well ahead of the curve of leveraging a blended (online/offline) publishing approach.
The fascinating part about this book is that it reminds me that I'm getting old.  What was once essentially banned from the enterprise for years, social media is now a very relevant tool in corporate America.  Actually it's relevant in any size business...or organization...or personal brand.  And there's an influx of jobs popping up to validate that.
Allegedly nobody uses email anymore.  And if you don't use facebook to communicate, you're an introvert.  At this rate I suspect my career has another 3-4 years before I'm getting pushed into an early retirement!  The more I talk with my peers in the industry, it seems that the only thing anybody under the age of 30 is doing these days is surfing facebook, checking into foursquare, or "networking" on Linkedin.
I can't help but compare this to rap music growing up.  Being 16 years old, I clearly knew much more than my dad did about good music.  And this view was probably not unlike rock 'n roll with his parents.  Of course this was primairly due to a generational gap in taste and culture.  
However, now we are talking about a couple of years difference between generations.  Gen Y and Generation (I want it) Now.  I'm only 31...this is frightening.  Am I old fashioned because I still like to communicate in person?  Or even pick up the phone to talk to someone live?  Is it me or is all this social tech stuff nonsense?
What's the point Ed?
Now don't get me wrong, I've embraced these technologies and use them daily, though they are still a second method of communication for me.  What happens when this generation actually has to do business?  Will America's economy get turned around by becoming a bunch of daily deals searching, chock-full of check-ins having, social media sucking junkies?  We still need people to do "work stuff" right?  Maybe not.  How many more Groupons and Gowallas can there be out there?  Wake up brats.

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  • I'm kind of laughing at myself because I got to this blog from the link you posted on Twitter. Like the rest of our peers, I have signed up, blogged, tweeted, chat, im-ed, etc. on every site possible. I just recently all but deleted Facebook...I just can't quite let go. I spend more time on Twitter and I think I have actually forced my brain in how to say anything in 140 characters. But I talk to a family member, on the phone, DAILY. I still walk in to hallmark to buy all the birthday cards I will need for the month, rather than send an automated e-card. I'm a student, I'm interning with a Judge, I'm busy...but I have had to remind myself there has to be a balance.

  • In reply to amyirenie:

    Ha! Well, good for's difficult to balance sometimes.

  • In reply to amyirenie:

    I try to say "hi" to one real person a day.

    Hopefully a very attractive woman.

  • In reply to gwill:

    good model!

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