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Dell Streak Unboxing

Check out this beast that arrived last week.  It's incredibly massive with a 5" screen, and many friends now make fun of me and call it an iPad.  Check out the comparison with the X10 below, which has a 4" inch screen (iPhone 4 is 3.5").

Remember Twitter?, SocialDevCamp Interviews

Remember Twitter? I'm tired of Twitter.  Am I alone?  I don't think so.  I have a a few followers, though I honestly wish I had the time to track everyone.  Seriously, I feel bad if someone follows me and I can't reciprocate.  The only reason I respond to someone is if I happen to randomly... Read more »

Project Parole - Month 5: Running a Business on Free and Open Software

Remember Project Parole I started a while back?  Well I’m officially going on 5 months now, and I’d say it’s a success.  The goal was to move all of my personal computing/software to an open and free platform.  Not only have I successfully moved all of my personal stuff, but we have also migrated the... Read more »