Social Media is Sooo 2009

Is it me or is everybody on earth becoming a journalist/blogger/expert? 
Everyday, we are seeing more and more individuals who are starting
their own columns on everything from Java Beans to Justin Bieber
It's incredibly easy for an individual to express what they are
passionate about, whether anybody reads it or not.  If they do, great...if
not, who cares.  The point is they are expressing themselves and there
is definitely a sense of self-satisfaction that a person can get from
this.  I know this first hand because I'm pretty sure there are three EdOrAlive fans.

The biggest question I hear over and over is, will we get to a point
when there are no major media channels and every person is considered
their own channel?  I know it sounds a little extreme or at least
decades away from reality, though look at how far we've come in such a
short period of time with social media.  Will indy journalists saturate the market one day?  Or perhaps the major media networks will eventually become leagues of writers like ChicagoNow, Digg or even Facebook?  Will we be overloaded with too many writers, or will it be a "only the strong that survive" scenario?

Who knows.  I do know that the tools available are getting easier and
easier to find and use.  For about $12 a month you can have your own
domain name and blog setup
in about 15 minutes.  But less than five years ago, it would have cost
hundreds to thousands to do this.  We're seeing the same trends in
entertainment with all of the indy
film studios that are popping up.  And equipment is getting cheaper and
cheaper.  And companies are taking advantage of it.  Many have their
own "studios" in their offices.

The revenue model is definitely changing, and as I read "Socialnomics", the major networks are starting to catch on that traditionaly
media is not cutting it any more.  They are trying new ad models and
traditionally unorthodox ways of distributing media.  We'll have to see
if they can keep up with the indy channels...

I'm interested in hearing what the real experts have to say this weekend at SocialDevCamp!



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  • My take: there is little accountability in self-publishing in a personal forum like a blog. I mean, someone can keep a blog about his/her pooping habits. Publishing under the trust of a committee is held accountable by the trust that what an author is writing is worth reading. I don't think ChicagoNow would want a blog about someone's pooping. Let's hope people continue to recognize the difference. But if you guys want a pooping blog, I'll come up with something.

  • In reply to Juneann:

    Great plogs please!

  • Lots of people blog on things they know nothing about. Many are affiliate marketers looking to drive traffic to redirect to sites to make purchases. Fortunately, it is easy to spot the lowest common denominator sites.

  • In reply to illinimatt81:

    Good point. Hope you're right!

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