iPad for Sale

Yes, it's true.  After only having it for about three months, the edPad is going on eBay.  I've had my ups and downs with it, though I've finally realized that it's a very expensive e-book reader.

Don't get me wrong, I use my iPad everyday.  And up until about  three weeks ago when I purchased a new AT&T Samsung Captivate with Android, I would have continued to use it everyday.  The thing is, the Captivate has a 4-inch screen on it.  It's basically a mini-iPad!  Not only does it have all of my favorite apps on it --including Kindle, Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, Foursquare, Google Apps...to name a few, but it often runs them better.

Additionally, there is no iPad Facebook app.  That's right, apparently there is some beef with one of the lead developers at Facebook and they refuse to build an iPad app.  To be honest I was not concerned about this at first because the screen is so large that I planned on using the full blown web version of Fb.  Nope, the web version doesn't support many of the rich features of the desktop version.  You know, really advanced stuff like, well, scrolling?  And chatting.  Seriously.  My world doesn't revolve around Facebook, but let's be honest almost everyone is using to so I find myself on it more than I'd like.  And while I believe in the principal behind banning Flash, it's simply not going to disappear overnight.  These are deal killers.

The only app I'll miss will be Flipboard, which is still fairly new, but very cool.  I'm sure there will be an Android port soon though.

And let's talk about the Android tablets that are coming.  Yes, we've

been hearing about them for months without any show-stoppers, though I caught a glimpse of the Dell Streak this week.  While I don't want to talk with an iPad up to my ear, I'm comfortable enough with my nerdiness to carry around a giant phone.  It's massive 5-inch screen is beautiful looking.

Remember when having a small phone was cool???  So long edPad!



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  • Sorry to hear about you selling the iPad... But so happy you love the Captivate! I am suddenly very in love with that phone and making a plan to purchase it... Is it really all that people say it is?

  • In reply to TheRelationshipDiva:

    Yep it's pretty good! But i think there is a known issue with the gps. Might have to exchange it.

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