Technology Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Savings

Traditionally, there haven't been many technologies that
have disrupted small and medium sized businesses from a cost-savings
perspective.  Typically, in order for a technology to reduce costs
significantly, it requires massive deployment that scales across
hundreds or thousands of users, which is common in enterprises.


with the advent of web services, then software as a service (SaaS), and now cloud computing, the
game has changed almost overnight.  The days of having having to be a
major corporation to realize savings and efficiencies with technology
are over.  Small and medium sized businesses for the first time have the
ability to be as competitive, if not more competitive than large
companies utilizing both the cloud and open technologies.

At the
simplest level, sourcing
traditional infrastructure like email and directory services can now be
hosted with a simple migration process and at virtually little cost. 
With the cost of keeping these core services on premise, and maintenance
alone, companies cannot afford to not migrate.  And they are beginning
to see savings in the range of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a

Beyond core infrastructure, legacy applications also can
be moved to the cloud with somewhat minimal effort, which typically is
easier with an integration partner initially, though eventually are
maintained internally.  The savings in application support and
maintenance can quickly fall into millions, which is where businesses
start to realize the benefits...and
transforming their game.  With savings like this, they can start
focusing on innovation, competitiveness, and nailing their objectives.

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