Cloud Computing is Dead. Hello Space Computing.

Is the desktop
computer dead
?  I would say with cloud computing on the rise, the
shift from desktop to the web is a no-brainer.  Although I am an early
adopter.  I have an iPad and use all of the "cloud" services like Gmail,, etc.  And I guess as a consumer, that's what the cloud is
anyway, hosted email and web storage.  I don't think I have one file
saved on my actual iPad hard drive.  But to corporate techno-nerd, the
cloud could be web development, virtualization, clustering, and
everything else that won't fit in his office any more.  Many would put
their co-workers in the cloud.  That's why I think cloud computing, and
the desktop are dead.

Dead in a sense of vernacular anyway.  As
the lines continue to gray between consumer and corporate technology,
the actual technology is becoming less and less relevant.  Consumers are
less technology-motivated and more "make me happy, and I don't care
about the flux capacitor behind the screen."  As we see more and more
consumer devices in the enterprise (iEverthing, Android, etc),
corporations are also more lenient on users.  I remember an old boss
asking what we could stick in the USB ports to prevent the use of
portable drives (which is still a somewhat common policy).  When I was
jamming glue in the back of PC's, I thought there has to be a better way
to do this.  And as us Millenials and GenX's continue to herd the
workplace, we definitely won't put up with this kind of "strict
behavior" much more.  Many millenials would just bring their mom's in to
the office to explain that her son or daughter has a right to have his
way.  With the plethora of gadgets and gizmos that we were born with, we
now need to use our personal technology at work.  "Cloud" computing is
helping to make this increasingly possible using remote management, more
granular security and a more ubiquitous user experience.

the Point, Ed?

Everyday people don't know what cloud computing
is (in fact many techies can't clearly explain it), and they don't want
to know what it is.  Cloud, lightning, dust...doesn't matter.  I think
"space computing" sounds rad.  But again, nothing to do with space and
people don't care what it's called.  As long is it works and we can use
it with other people and systems, fantastic.

In what seems like a
never-ending recession, a major benefit that both people and
corporations do care about is lowering costs, which space computing
will do.
  In the next few weeks, I'll discuss what it means for
businesses to move to dirt computing.


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  • I work at a government contract corporation. So, I basically work in a tank. No internet...No space computing. My work desktop is an animal though... 48 giga bytes of ram, quad core processing. personally i'm way out in space. I heart Picasa.

  • I believe one day very soon, students will have something similar to the IPad in their hands versus the paper textbook. There was a push a few years ago to have laptops available for students on the university level. If someone could push an initiative to mass produce textbooks in the "cloud" (like the Kindles and use of the IPad operating system as well), the world would be a much better place because of the savings in textbook printing. Also, can you imagine that with a simple download, the Ipad textbook could be updated without having to wait five years to have approval from the state to purchase new books. Wow....what a way to save our planet!

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