I'm not an Apple fan boy by any means, and never have been.  But I've had a Macbook, an iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and I've been dazzled by them all.  The shiny interface and eye candy are what usually lure me in.  Not to mention they usually "just work."  Nerd Fact: On top of that, the Mac operating system is built on a Linux/Unix flavor, which many people don't know.  But it's the cult mentality that always scares me away. 

Well, last week I did the unthinkable and bought an iPad.  The minute I heard about it I promised myself I would not give into this gimmick.  Especially after hearing Steve Jobs says it was "magical."  I mean, it is just a giant iPhone right?

Week after week, I kept reading the articles about millions of iPad's sold and how Apple has changed the landscape of computing...again.  Until one day I walked into Best Buy (not the Apple Store), and I started tooling around on one of them.  Again, I was bedazzled by the bright, smooth screen and snappiness of the interface.  I played for an hour on it.  Then I went back to Best Buy the next day (secretly telling Jillian that I had to get something else), and I messed around on it again.

Then it was time...time to ask the question.  I finally gained enough courage to ask the Best Buy rep to get me one.  As if these guys aren't pompous enough strutting around their computer kingdom.  And of course they know that I want one, so they avoid me, giving me a quick glance occasionally but never too much attention.  It was a showdown.

Ed: "Do you have the 64 gig version of this thing?" 
Best Buy Guy:  No.
Ed: "How about the 32 gig?" 
Best Buy Guy:  No.
Ed: "3G version?
Best Buy Guy:  Notyet.

Now it was personal.  The one word answers were killing me.  Was I guessing the wrong model?  Or was I just using the wrong tech jargon?  I was getting nervous, then he finally opened up his geek heart:

Best Buy Guy:  "We're sold out and haven't had any for weeks.  We also have no idea when they will get in, and how many we'll get.  My manager has wanted one for weeks and even she can't get one.  They're sold out everywhere."

Perfect, he probably could have told me that off the bat.  But instead he kept me desperately probing.  After me risking it all and putting all my cards on the table, I left iPad-less and deflated.  I kept wondering if I had misjudged the "magicallness" of it all along.  Now I was obsessed with getting one.  Thoughts of endless lines of Apple cronies waiting outside the Apple store for weeks ran through my mind.  Would I ever get one?

The next day after going to the gym downtown and I decided to walk down to the Michigan Avenue Apple store.  I was not very optimistic, especially since now I was entering the crowded Apple fan kingdom, which was by far more intimidating than the Joe-Six-Pack's Best Buy.  Low and behold they had a few and I snagged the one I wanted.

After the first week of having my iPad, I'm excited to say that I have lots of great things to write about it.  Stay tuned!

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