A soothing and gentle balm for dry and sensitive skin, and oh-so helpful during the onset of diaper rashes and chapped skin. An all around soothing salve for moments of discomfort and skin irritation, great for adults too! Contains: Organic Calendula flowers, organic Plantain leaf, Chickweed, St. John's Wort flowers, Myrrh gum, and organic Goldenseal root in a base of organic Olive oil and Beeswax.
Winter is the perfect time to use salves. A salve is a medical ointment, lotion or cream that soothes or heals an area of the body that is excessively dry, irritated, burned, or even wounded. Patricia Biesen Nutrition Counseling Health & Wellness I offer Nutrition Counseling Free Initial Consultation $50 for 60 minute session $95/mo.... Read more »