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Quick and Easy Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

 like to keep nori rolls on hand and wrap up my leftover grains and raw veggies. I can't have soy sauce so I usually dip these in Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinegar or Annie's Naturals Green Garlic Dressing. By the way, You Tube has some great sushi demos if you chose to roll your own.
What will you do with all those leftovers? I’m guilty of eating sweet potato pie for breakfast. There’s always the option of freezing the extra turkey and sweet potatoes then again . . . you could eat them now. Here are a few quick and easy ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers:

Why I Got Rid of My Microwave

I read this startling article three months ago. Did I take my “nuke” to the trash upon reading that? I had to do a little more research and read some more before I made up my mind. It took me about three months to finally get up the nerve. Microwave cooking is so easy and... Read more »