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How to Eat a High Protein Vegan Diet

Robert Cheeke is a vegan body builder who has inspired many. He is one of the few vegan athletes who has the leanness and definition of bodybuilders who follow a traditional high-pro, low card diet. To learn more about his diet and training program check out
Finding the right diet can really be tricky. I know for my own body I do great on a plant-based diet yet I really need protein to keep my hair growing and my body from getting too soft. I love vegan food but what makes it difficult for me to go 100% is that I’m... Read more »

Eating of the Green

Many Chicagoans during St. Patrick’s Day will be wearing the green and hopefully not becoming green in the process of hard partying. Click here for some hangover remedy tips if need be. If you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and want to avoid getting wasted this St. Pat’s, Chicago has a lot of options:... Read more »