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Body Confidence

Apparently, Miss Hendricks is one of the few actresses designers don't flock to to dress for big events. They think her figure is to hard to dress. Maybe she doesn't fit into a sample size but her curves are now making her famous.
I recently attended the T-Tapp Retreat (and I will report more on that later) but I was knocked out not only by the inch loss many of these women experienced but by their confidence. During our introductions, one attendee who lost 100 lbs. posed with her head held high and exclaimed, “I look good”. Isn’t... Read more »

Is Going Grey Healthier Than Dying?

Pink's favorite new color maybe grey. Photo credit:
Have you noticed how chic grey hair is lately? Lady Gaga has been wearing grey wigs and the trend has even hit the runway. There has been some speculation about certain hair dyes causing cancer. I’m not sure what the answer is but I do believe that sensitive individuals may experience itching, skin rashes and... Read more »