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How to Eat a High Protein Vegan Diet

Robert Cheeke is a vegan body builder who has inspired many. He is one of the few vegan athletes who has the leanness and definition of bodybuilders who follow a traditional high-pro, low card diet. To learn more about his diet and training program check out http://www.robertcheeke.com.
Finding the right diet can really be tricky. I know for my own body I do great on a plant-based diet yet I really need protein to keep my hair growing and my body from getting too soft. I love vegan food but what makes it difficult for me to go 100% is that I’m... Read more »

Easiest Green Smoothie in the World

I guest blog from time-to-time for Living Harvest Tempt. Living Harvest makes allergy free hemp-based products. I was asked to write something with Earth Day in mind, which is April 22. I’ve been leaning toward a plant-based diet these days for PMS and pain management. Here’s my version of an easy green smoothie: A plant-based... Read more »