Cleansing Confessions

Cleansing Confessions
Coffee, it's not you it's me . . .

I'm starting a 28-day cleanse later this month. I'm sort of acting as a guinea pig. If it goes well (maybe "well" isn't the right word but is effective) I will be teaching this program with Dr. Castillo of Alliance Chiropractic.

Fall is an excellent time to cleanse. There are no more festivals, BBQs and all the busyness of summer is over. Fall is a serious time. Being a Scorpio I love the grounded feeling I get from the crisp air. Although, I have to admit I am scared to go without my vices. My vices being a glass of wine (or more) on Saturday nights, the occasional trip to Forever Yogurt, various kombucha flavors and brands, dark chocolate and my two-time a week grande Americano. Now compared to most, these vices are not that big of a deal. I just haven't gone without my little coping mechanisms for 28 days straight. How am I going to offset my inner intensity without a little love from my favorite dark chocolate bar?

I think it's especially difficult for creative people to give up our vices. There are so many brilliant minds that have done drugs, done carbs, done alcohol, done excess in basically every form and color. When we acknowledge someone who has fully explored their vices we say they have really lived! 

What I fear the most is that I'm going to become REALLY BORING. Most creative people feel that those coping mechanisms not only help us cope but take us to a higher level of creativity. Of course, the key is knowing when to stop.

My cleanse, by the way, is not a fast or one that will make me spend most of my time in the bathroom. I will be using allergy free products and foods from Designs for Health. I will be eating a mostly paleo diet. As I like to say "greens and proteins" are my mantra. The only sweetener I will be using is stevia, no caffeine of any kind or alcohol. It will also be fairly low in carbs. I will be kissing my gluten-free waffles good-by for a while.

On the upside, it is possible that I could experience positive benefits that may make this cleanse actually enjoyable. I could become more productive and focused. This may actually benefit my artwork more than my vices? I will have to adopt new coping mechanisms like meditation, yoga, walks along the Chicago River, herbal teas, flowers, smiles, books, movies and friends. I will keep you all posted on my progress.


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