What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach?

I get asked this all the time. "Um, Patricia exactly what is it that you do?" A holistic health coach is a bit like life coaching with food. I help clients breakthrough plateaus or change false beliefs about themselves. I focus on helping "eclectic eaters" like food allergy sufferers, specialty dieters or those with disordered eating. Some clients might want new recipes, menu plans and/or someone who is simply in their corner.

As many of you know I have multiple food allergies. What you may not know is that as child I had growth disorder called precocious puberty. I developed very early. I reached adult height by the age of nine and had to wear a training bra. This phenomenon is more common now but back in the '70s I was considered a big freak. Today, girls are developing earlier and earlier. Many experts believe this is due to hormones from dairy and meat products.

Later in my teens I developed eating disorders. I probably had low-grade orthorexia up until a few years ago. I was always on the hunt for the holy grail of diets because I wanted to be perfect. Now I don't suffer from diet dogma. I don't follow one particular diet. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm done. Food is no longer the boss of me. It's my belief that people who make the most mistakes give the best advice. 

I realize not everyone can afford health coaching. Therefore I do offer discounts and the first session is free. I'm also in the process of designing new programs. I'd love to know what your interests are. Do you want to fight off sugar cravings? Kick the coffee habit? Eat for beauty? Love your body more? Have more energy? Send me a tweet at @patriciabiesen or an e-mail at Chicagoeatsallergyfree@gmail.com.

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