My Favorite Body Image Blogs

My Favorite Body Image Blogs

In a world filled with photoshopped poreless faces and cartoonish body proportions we need these blogs more than ever. Here are the five blogs I follow religiously for their wit and message. They continuously inspire and entertain me.

No More Bacon

This blog's statement is "Lesson life fat. Increase life. Cutting the meat of what matters most!" Men have body image issues too and bacon issues for that matter. The hilarious and totally likeable Ryan Sullivan blogs about his own weight loss journey. He also finds some pretty creative ways to use bacon.

Rosie Molinary

Author, speaker, and teacher had earlier careers as a high school teacher, coach, and college administrator. She has written Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self Acceptance (pictured above) and Hijas Americanas, her book on Latina body image in America. In addition to writing, she teaches a course on body image at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and speaks on body image, diversity, self-awareness, social justice and writing around the country.

Eat the Damn Cake

This blog could be summed up in a few words: beauty, body image, womanhood and dessert. I read a lot of blogs and I put most of them in my "Read Later" file but I always make time for Eat the Damn Cake. There's always room for dessert! Blogger Kate started this blog with her friend Maggie after having a lot of cake-inspired conversations on how they think about the way they look. Kate may share her honest feelings about her body but she always ends with an "un-roast" which is a compliment to herself on one good thing about her body, sort of like a sweet treat at the end of meal (ironically like a piece of cake).

Joy Tanksley

Joy is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, certified Intuitive Eating coach, and a Nia instructor. As she puts it, "Basically, I help women get out of the hell of believing they aren’t enough so they can live bold, beautiful lives." Like many women I have had my fair share of hell. Joy's Monday Morning Spark gets my week started out in a good way. She has teamed up with coach Simone Goudreau to create the Fierce Body Love community on Facebook.

Christie Inge

This blog's message is "Live your right life, be your right weight." I can describe Christie in one word "truth". She tells it like it is. When I need to be set straight I go to her blog. Sometimes coaches need other coaches! Like Joy Tanksley, she is also an intuitive eating expert. Christie helps women create their right weight by helping them create their right life.

I'm also starting a new body image blog called The Eclectic Body. Chicago's own positive body image blog. Real. Natural. Unique and always Beautiful. I will still maintain Ecelctic Eating Chicago but I just felt more and more compelled to start a body image blog as some of my most popular posts have to deal with this topic. I'm looking forward to more interaction with you. Please feel free to send me a tweet or friend me on FaceBook for feedback or just to chat!

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