A Perfect Convenient Store for Eclectic Eaters!

A Perfect Convenient Store for Eclectic Eaters!

During a recent lunch break I thought I would pop into Milk & More in the Lakeview area. I had just eaten but knew that if I wanted to get through the day I would have to procure my "drugs of choice": Kombucha and dark chocolate. I noticed in the window that they had a few gluten-free pastas. Hmmm . . .  interesting? Most of us allergy-free peeps do not shop (at least for food) at convenient stores. Once I walked in I saw lots of other gluten-free items, protein bars I can actually eat and other healthy snacks.

Milk & More of course does have milk (a.k.a. cow juice) but also some other allergy free varieties too. The store is packed with organic and gourmet foods, wine and liquor as well as lots of lots of high quality cheeses and deli items.

In a recent Yelp review it was noted that Milk & More has more gluten-free snacks than Trader Joe's, their bigger-across-the-street-competition. Milk & More frequently hosts wine tastings and events. For your convenience you can stop by in "real time" at 702 W Diversey, "friend" them on FaceBook or follow them on Twitter.


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