Glee's Lauren: Are We Ready for This Jelly?

Glee's Lauren: Are We Ready for This Jelly?
Actress Ashley Fink plays Glee's Lauren.

I'm a closet Glee fan. I have no musical talent whatsoever but I appreciate good music. I'm less into music with "jazz hands" but Glee does have its rock n' roll moments. Anyway, I was thinking about Glee's character Lauren. I know she's been talked about before but I'm a busy woman catching up on last season's episodes via Comcast In Demand. This character proves that self esteem does trump being a size 0. Good for her for playing hard to get in response to Puck's advances. And yet because of her size is she able to get a way with being tad surly? He's not the only one going for a girl with a more voluptuous body. In the last episode of the season, Sam and Mercedes were at a coffee shop holding hands.

I have no idea if boys are dating larger girls in real high schools. If they are I hope it isn't for the sake of novelty. Just like younger men dating older women just because it's now trendy. Speaking of trends, this type of body has not been appreciated since the days of Rubens. Could things be coming full circle?

Lauren says she "looks like America looks". Which is sadly morbidly obese. I believe in supporting all healthy body types. I'm not sure how heavy a person can be and still be considered healthy. This isn't the type of post where I have one point of view. I just well . . . have a lot of questions. What comes first: loving your body as it is or changing its form in a more healthy and pleasing way? As a society do we really mean it or are we forcing this type of acceptance? Even if our attempts aren't pure perhaps its a start.



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