Edible Alchemy Summer Feastival!

Edible Alchemy Summer Feastival!

I noticed several of my FaceBook friends attending something called an Edible Alchemy Summer Feastival. The name reminded me of something Dr. Seuss would come up with so naturally I was intrigued. Edible Alchemy Foods Co-op is hosting their annual fundraiser on Saturday, July 23 from 8pm-6am. Edible Alchemy Foods Co-op describes themselves as a catalyst for the creation, expansion, and connectivity of a vibrant food community, which has been running entirely by volunteers for the last three years. They organize open discussion and potlucks, distribute local organic produce shares and provide for community-related events. Like many Eclectic Eating readers, they too believe that nutritious food is essential to the healthy individual and to healthy shared environments. Edible Alchemy Co-op is hosted by the ECO collective, as well as a kombucha brewery, welding collective, and a rooftop garden. The mobile kitchen (EAK) is a send-out project organized by Edible Alchemy.

Featured menus cater to "eclectic eaters". Their fan-base includes "green" eaters, vegans, vegetarians of all varieties, gluten-free diners and all who are interested in eating slow, seasonal and sustainable food. They know each of their farmers and suppliers' growing practices. As “sustainable” is a serious word, not something to be used in green-washing. Edible Alchemy Co-op also hosts educational “Playshops”. As they say, "A very awesome and knowledgeable leader will be leading the Playshop, though everyone attending is encouraged to share, play, question, and experiment alike. We plan to hold some awesome Playshops this coming summer season including vegetables and dairy ferments, chocolate, brewing of all sorts, bread baking, cooking, and more!"

The Summer Feastival is a fundraiser to raise money for their co-op projects and operating funds for the coming year including an expanded bulk menu, a Feed the Artists program (a program that benefits those lonely back stage workers at functions who never get fed!), more mobile kitchens, and a scholarship program for low-income eaters in 2012. This event will be an amazing evening of great food, specialty drinking, entertainment, an all night dance floor, live acoustic music, fire dancing, a hookah lounge, poetry circle & fort, massage & bodywork, screenprinting and live painting. I think they have covered all of my five senses! Speaking of specialty drinks, they will be featuring whiskey from Whiskey Alliance and a kombucha bar from Living Well Brewery (I'm personally looking forward to trying their handiwork). This event will take place at 2042 W 21st Street in the Pilsen neighborhood. $20 admittance includes access to food but whiskey and k-tea is a cash bar set-up. Raffle tickets are included in the ticket price. For more information click here

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