Why Do People Hate Curly Hair?

My whole post on why I hate summer created this spin-off thought-bubble: Why do people hate curly hair? I'm not saying I never blow out my hair but I like to have the OPTION of doing it when I please. I feel like my hair is all "organized" when it's straightened. When I wear it that way some of my best friends don't even recognize me at first glance. People do react differently to me like all of a sudden I became a pretty unicorn princess or something.

In our society, sleek straight hair is viewed as "together", polished, professional and noble. Curly hair (according to some, not me obviously) is the hair of hippies, gypsies, non-professional and non-conventional people. Even Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger encourages "her girls" to come with their hair straightened to events because this is what her Millionaire men tell her they like.

You might be wondering why I'm covering the topic of curly hair in a blog that is mostly about nutrition? I feel self-acceptance IS the key to health and happiness. The happier you are with yourself then the healthier you will be. It's take a lot of self-esteem and motivation to avoid junk, either in the form of toxic hair products, food or thoughts.
One of my favorite coping mechanisms on the road to curly hair acceptance is a book I discovered a few years ago called Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey (founder of DevaCurl products) with Deborah Chiel. Lorraine helped start the whole trend that em maybe curly girls should not shampoo their hair. I know that's shocking. She sells a product called NoPoo for "no shampoo" sans the drying and damaging sodium lauryl sulfates. What I also love about the book is not just the helpful haircare tips but all the personal stories about growing up with curly hair. Some women have shorn their locks, straightened them or accepted them for all their Botticelli glory.


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