True Confessions: I Hate Summer

I know the weather lately has not been very summer-like but I know it will come eventually. Unlike most normal people, summer is not my favorite season. To tell you the truth I dread summer because it brings out the worst in my body image issues. Not only do I think about my stomach pooching out and cellulite but also my pale skin. I'm holographically pale. You can see my blue veins through my skin. When I was growing up in the 70s the Ban de Soleil model was the ultimate tan goddess. Now people still want to be tan but they don't want to ruin their skin. Skin color is a funny thing in America. The opposing shades of the skin color spectrum are not exactly embraced. Remember when Crayola had a crayon color called "Flesh"? Once I saw an artist's installation with the "Flesh" crayon which had these words: Who's flesh is it really? I'm guessing the most socially acceptable skin color is a tanner version of "flesh".

ban de soliel.jpg

This Ban de Soleil ad from the 70s helped created the belief that if you are not a suntanned goddess you should just hibernate till fall.

The brightness of the summer sun has a way of really bringing all my flaws to light, things I never notice in winter or the darker days of spring. I see more wrinkles, undereye circles, spots and hair in places I don't want it to be. Summer is also the time I spend more time in the shower shaving. I find it interesting that members of the Sikh faith do not cut or remove one single hair. Now that is natural. I'm not that natural.
Speaking of hair, summer is hard on curly hair too. My dark hair cooks in the sun. I just use the appropriate products and forget about straightening it. I let it do it's own thing. Summer is not the time of year to work that Veronica Lake style wave.
Now that I've gotten that off my chest. I should redirect my energy to what's good about my body in the summer: 
  • The feel of the warmth from the sun
  • My face gets to wear all sorts of fun sunglasses
  • My lungs get more fresh air
  • My legs get to walk more and cover more ground than any other time of the year
  • My mouth gets to enjoy food at festivals
  • I get to smile more because usually the sun makes me feel good and I see all those other Chicagoans out who usually hibernate
  • My toe nails get painted with my favorite toxic-free nail polish
  • My eyes get to see parts of Chicago that take a little longer to get to
  • My heart beats faster when I see more of the good looking men out jogging in the park
  • My body gets to feel refreshment from head to toe when I take a dip in the pool
  • My feet get to feel the grounded fresh coolness of walking in grass
  • My hair gets highlights from the sun for no cost at all
  • My ears gets to hear more music at all those free concerts and shows
  • My ankles get a good stretch doing downward facing dog at Workout in the Park on Saturday mornings
  • My nose gets to smell many more beautiful flowers
  • My skin gets to feel lake breezes
I guess summer isn't so bad.

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